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Land Surveying, Engineering Surveys, Cadastral Surveys, Topographical Surveys, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Mapping.

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Planland Geoconsult is a Kenyan company that specializes in Land Surveying, engineering surveys, cadastral surveys, Topographical surveys, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Mapping Solutions. It is located along Kiambu road at close proximity with the countries capital.

Planland Geoconsult was established in August 2011, duly registered as a business in September 2013 and fully incorporated as a company under the companies Act of Kenya in 2014.Over its short period of existence, the company has successfully carried out and completed numerous assignments to many clients with diverse needs ranging from individual clients, land buying companies, non-governmental Organizations and State corporations.

Our youthful team has constantly ensured that tasks are carried out diligently, efficiently and on time as per the clients’ specifications. The enthusiasm, flexibility and highly adaptive nature of our team has ensured that we keep up with the rapid technological advancement to suit the dynamic needs of our clients.

It is our vision to be the leading company both locally and globally in our line of profession and assist the government of Kenya and our country achieve vision 2030 through provision of employment to our youth and delivering professional services and expertise in order to fulfill the country’s development agenda.


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